Desu Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. supplly various specifications of polystyrene(PS) sheet rolls, especially HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene) sheets. DESU products are safe, environmentally friendly and sanitary, and are exported to many countries and regions.

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Product Specifications

Product namePS Sheet; PS Roll; Polystyrene Sheet; Rigid PS Film.
Product CategoryHIPS Plastic, GPPS Plastic
Composite TypePS/EVOH/PS, PS/EVOH/PE, PP/PE, etc.
PackingPE film inside + kraft outside+pallet (paper tube diameter: 76mm, thickness: 10mm)
Quality100% virgin
ColorClear, Natural, Black, White, Color, Customized according to needs.
Surface TreatmentMatte, Glossy, Flocked.
PerformanceESD: Anti-static, Conductive, Static dissipative. Corona; Printing; Coating; EVOH; Waterproof; etc
Processing technologyThermoforming Vacuum Forming Blistering, Die Cutting.

Color selection of PS Sheet

Color PS Sheet

Product Introduction

PS Sheet (Polystyrene Sheet) is a polymer synthesized from styrene monomer through radical addition polymerization reaction, the chemical formula is (C8H8)n. With its excellent thermoforming performance, good defense performance, environmental protection performance and sanitary performance, it is widely used in medicine, food, toys, electronics and clothing.

desu ps plastic sheet roll

Polystyrene Chemical and Molecular Structure

Polystyrene Chemical and Molecular Structure

Physical and Chemical Properties

Density1.05 g/cm3
Conductivity(σ) 10-16 S/m
Thermal conductivity0.08W/(m·K)
Young’s modulus(E) 3000-3600 MPa
Tensile strength(σt) 46–60 MPa
Elongation length3–4%
Charpy impact test2–5 kJ/m2
Glass transition temperature80-100℃
Coefficient of thermal expansion(α) 8×10-5/K
Heat capacity(c) 1.3 kJ/(kg·K)
Water absorption(ASTM) 0.03–0.1

Polystyrene Sheets Categories and Properties

Conductive polystyrene sheetSurface resistance can reach 1O^4~10^6.
Semi-conductive polystyrene sheetSurface resistance can reach 10^6~10^9.
Ordinary anti-static polystyrene sheetSurface resistance can reach 10^9~10^12.
Permanent anti-static polystyrene sheetThe surface resistance is as high as 10^6~10^9.
High-gloss polystyrene sheetThe surface high-gloss sheet is as bright as a mirror, and the surface has high gloss after blistering.
Matte surface polystyrene sheetThe product has an excellent matte effect after blister molding.
High impact polystyrene sheet (HIPS)It is stronger than ordinary plastic sheet, has a softer feel, is not easy to break, and is resistant to low temperatures.
High barrier polystyrene sheetIt is widely used in food packaging at room temperature, which can effectively extend the shelf life.
Transparent polystyrene sheetTransparent high-impact polystyrene sheet is widely used in food packaging and electronic tray packaging.
Anti-ultraviolet polystyrene sheetAnti-ultraviolet sheet can be widely used outdoors, can prolong the service life of the product, and effectively prevent aging and discoloration.
laminated polystyrene sheetThe laminated sheet is composed of polyethylene film and high-impact polystyrene sheet, and the polyethylene film is made of high-temperature resistant film. Can effectively prevent scratches on the surface of the product. Various printing patterns can also be selected on the surface of the polyethylene film, which will not fall off after molding.

Main Feature of PS Sheet

  • Low static electricity generation, suitable for packaging products that require low static electricity.
  • Easy to vacuum forming, and the product has good impact resistance.
  • It has good hygienic properties, can be in direct contact with food and does not produce harmful substances.
  • 0It is easy to be colored and can be made into materials of different colors.
  • Good hardness. Compared with other sheet materials of the same thickness, the hardness is better. It can be thermoformed into hot and cold drinking cups.
  • It meets environmental protection requirements and can be recycled and reused. When its waste is incinerated, it does not produce harmful substances that harm the environment.
Rigid PS Sheet Film

Application Field of PS Sheet

PS plastic sheet is a general-purpose thermoforming plastic sheet. As a hard solid plastic, it is widely used in the production of food packaging and laboratory utensils. When fused with various colorants, additives or other plastics , polystyrene can be used to make products such as disposable lunch boxes, electronic product trays, toys packaging, folding boxes, cup lid, gardening pots, etc.

PS Sheet Factory

DESU PS sheet factory covers an area of more than 10,000 square meters and is equipped with multiple advanced extrusion production lines. The machine and equipment operators are of the first-class level in China and can be customized according to customer needs.

PS Sheet Factory in China

Serve The Global Market

We export products to the global market. Our trading partners are Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Africa, Europe, South America, North America, Australia and other countries and regions. Usually we can complete production and delivery within 7-15 days.

PS sheet export to Global Market

Purchase Notice

MOQ5 tons
Payment methodsT/T, L/C, D/P, D/A, O/A, Western Union, MoneyGram, Cash.
Monthly production3000-5000 tons
Delivery time715 days

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