Wear & Chemical Resistant PET Plastic Roll


ItemWear & Chemical Resistant PET Plastic Roll
Heat Resistance (Continuous)115℃
Heat Resistance (Short)160℃
Linear Thermal Expansion CoefficientAverage 23-100℃, 60*10-6m/(m.k)
Combusti Bility (UL94)HB
Bibulous Rate (23℃ water soak for 24 hours)6%
Bending Tensile Stress90MPa
Breaking Tensile Strain15%
The Tensile Modulus of Elasticity3700MPa
Normal Strain Compressive Stress (-1%/2%)26/51MPa
Gap Pendulum Impact Test2kJ/m2

Product Application

1. Widely used for the external packing of different kinds of products because of the good transparent;
2. It can be processed into trays of different shapes by vacuum thermal forming;
3. It can be formed into different kinds od shaped by moulds, which can be made into covers for clothes packing;
4. It can be cut into small pieces and used for packing of shirts or rafts;
5. It can be used for Printing, Box windows, Stationery and so on.

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