Our APET plastic sheet roll have excellent characteristics for vacuum formation, transparency, thermoforming, high gloss, impact resistance, and chemical resistance.​ It is suitable for making packaging material for stationery, toys, tools, gifts, food trays, electronic products, cosmetics and other merchandise.

Food packaging

APET plastic sheet roll are non-toxic and can be used in direct food contact. It has outstanding barrier properties which protect the packaged product from external liquids or gases.

Medical product

APET plastic sheet rolls are used in the medical industry to create various medical devices, such as test kits, diagnostic trays, and dental impression trays. They are non-toxic, easy to sterilize, and provide a high level of hygiene.

Hard Disk Manufacturing

Today’s hard disk manufacturing industry has the most sophisticated and sensitive electronic components in the electronics industry, which require clean and continuous ESD protection. This product is used for the packaging, turnover and storage of hard disk heads and other precision components.

Semiconductor manufacturing

The semiconductor industry has more stringent requirements for cleanliness than ESD protection in the process of handling wafers and disk drive media. As IC circuits continue to shrink, ESD protection is becoming more and more important. This product is used in the turnover and storage of chips and disk drive media.

Electronic product assembly and packaging

Since electronic products have already received a lot of ESD protection before they are assembled and packaged, in general, the requirements for ESD can be slightly reduced, and permanent static dissipation performance is required. This product is used to handle and transport electronic components, circuit boards and other components.