The full English name of RPET is recycled polyethylene terephthalate, which is a valuable and environmentally friendly material. It is a remanufactured product of recycled PET products. So what is PET?

PET plastic is one of the four most common plastics in the world and is extracted from crude oil. PET is a good thermoplastic, and it can be easily heated and made into the shape you want through the thermoplastic process. PET is widely used in various fields because of its durability, lightness, non-toxicity and high transparency. PET is most commonly used in food and beverage packaging, and is also one of the important materials for clothing fibers.

However, the durable properties of PET have also become one of the most important factors for its environmental damage. Because it may take hundreds of years to be decomposed and return to nature.

The low price and convenience of plastic products make it difficult for us to completely replace the use of plastic in a short period of time. Fortunately, PET is 100% fully recyclable. And nearly 30% of the world’s PET is used in drinking water packaging. We can easily identify and classify from the environmental protection label on the bottom of the water bottle.

Characteristics of RPET plastic sheet

RPET plastic sheet has excellent light transmittance and mechanical strength, good oxygen and water vapor barrier properties, complies with FDA food safety certification, and is widely used in the food and beverage packaging industry. We provide custom cutting and special functional additives, high-end customization.

RPET products also inherit the characteristics of PET products, which are thin, durable, highly transparent and can be recycled again. Because the process of refining from crude oil is skipped, the remanufacturing process can greatly reduce its carbon footprint and reduce the possibility of other pollution.

The thermoforming process is using recycled polyester (PET) recycled material. In some cases, the polyester (PET) recycled content used in thermoformed packaging can be as high as 100%, but is usually 70%.

Application of RPET sheet

Food Packaging Applications
In food packaging, our RPET sheets provide a good oxygen barrier to fats and oils and have been tested for migration parameters to ensure legal compliance. RPET sheet is ideal for a variety of packaging applications, including:

  • meat packaging
  • seafood packaging
  • salad wrap
  • fruit packaging
  • vegetable packaging
  • chocolate packaging
  • Biscuit and Bread Packaging

Non-food packaging applications
According to your specific requirements, we can apply silicone, inner slip, antistatic and anti-fog treatments to RPET sheets. RPET plastic sheets are used in a wide variety of applications, including:

  • electrical packaging
  • Household Goods Packaging
  • Toy and Game Packaging
  • Pharmaceutical Packaging
  • hardware packaging

Core advantages:

  • 100% polymerase chain reaction
    Our raw materials are 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) and can be used to package soft drinks, water, food and daily necessities.
  • High impurity removal rate
    We strictly control processing techniques to maximize impurity removal. The automatic photoelectric sorter and color sorter are used to automatically sort items of different materials and colors, and the impurity level is less than 30ppm.
  • Food grade production line
    With USFDA compliant food-grade production lines, our RPET plastic sheets can be used for thermoforming to make food-grade packaging boxes, beverage bottles, and more.