Whenever we buy new products in the supermarket, we will encounter blister packaging, which is made of plastic sheets such as PET/PP/PS through a blister thermoforming process. They appear in vegetable and fruit blister tray packaging, snack blister tray packaging, toy blister tray packaging and so on. But did you know that blister tray packaging can be divided into environmentally friendly blister trays and industrial blister trays? Which plastic sheet is an environmentally friendly material?

  1. Material characteristics of PP plastic tray

PP blister tray material is soft and tough, environmentally friendly and non-toxic, relatively high temperature resistance, poor plasticity, difficult to blister, lack of luster on the surface, showing a matte color. It is also suitable for blister tray packaging of high cold-resistant frozen foods, such as ice cream blister tray boxes, rice balls blister tray boxes, etc.

Sensory identification of PP blister tray: This product is white and transparent. Compared with LDPE, the transparency is higher, and there is a sound when rubbing.

PP blister tray combustion identification: when burning, the flame is yellow and blue at the bottom, smells like oil, melts and drips, and there is no black smoke when burning.

  1. Characteristics of PET blister tray material

This kind of plastic tray material belongs to the environmental protection material, the material hardness is good, the transparency is strong, and the material surface is bright.

Sensory identification of PET blister tray: This product is white and transparent, feels hard, and makes noise when rubbing. It looks like a PP blister tray.

PET blister tray combustion identification: there is black smoke when burning, and the flame has flashover phenomenon. After burning, the surface of the material is black and carbonized. Fingers rub the black carbon after burning, and the carbide is powder.

  1. Material characteristics of PVC blister tray

It is one of the most used materials for blister tray packaging, with moderate price, strong toughness and good moldability. Can be widely used in toy blister tray, food blister tray, electronic product blister tray, medicine blister tray, electrical appliance blister tray, gift blister tray, cosmetic blister tray, stationery blister tray and other products blister tray packaging .

Sensory identification of blister tray: The appearance is very similar to EVA but elastic.

Blister tray burning identification: black smoke is emitted when burning, and it will be extinguished immediately after leaving the fire. The burning surface is black, and there is no melting and dripping phenomenon.

  1. Material characteristics of PP+PET blister tray

This blister tray material is a composite material, with smooth surface, wear resistance and good plasticity.

Sensory identification of blister tray: The appearance is similar to PP, the transparency is extremely high, and the sound is greater than that of PP when rubbed.

Blister tray combustion identification: there is black smoke when burning, the flame has flashover, and the burning surface is black and carbonized.

  1. PE+PP blister tray copolymer

Blister trays are divided into low density, medium density and high density polyethylene, which are soft to the touch, and this material is rarely used.

Sensory identification of blister tray: Compared with LDPE, the transparency of this product is much higher than that of LDPE, and the hand feel is no different from that of LDPE.

Blister tray burning identification: when this product burns, the flame is full yellow, melts and drips, no black smoke, and smells like oil.

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