Anti-static PET sheet

Static electricity is a kind of electric atom, which is a micro-charge generated by the friction between objects, which exists in space at all times. The surface resistance of anti-static products is between 10^6-10^9, and the surface voltage is below 100V. (Less than 10^6 is a conductor, more than 10^11 is an insulator). In spring and summer, due to abundant rain and high humidity, the charge generated on the surface of the object will be carried by the moisture along the skin or the surface of the object to the ground and disappear. However, in autumn and winter, the surface and skin of the object are relatively dry. Once the generated charge encounters the opposite electrical charge, it will generate electric spark-static electricity. Because the surface resistance of ordinary PET sheet is relatively high, generally above 10^11, it is only suitable for use as an insulator!

The purpose of using anti-static PET is to use the characteristics of anti-static PET and conductive PET to effectively eliminate electric sparks generated by electrostatic charges in electronic components, thereby minimizing potential risks! When the electronic components are working, the electric ions are generated due to the current running on the surface to cause electrostatic sparks of different sizes of charges. When the electrostatic sparks are small, the impact on the electronic components is small, but when the electric sparks accumulate to a certain extent, it will produce The strong instantaneous current may cause the circuit to catch fire or even explode!

pet transparent electronic tray

The working principle of anti-static PET

The surface resistance of the PET material is kept between 10^6-10^9 after special treatment, so that a uniform and thin water vapor layer is produced on the surface. When static electricity is generated inside the electronic components, the static electricity can be quickly conducted to the outside through the water vapor layer on the surface of the anti-static PET, minimizing the danger!