PET is a popular new type of plastic building material in recent years. It has good toughness and plasticity and can be recycled and reused. After continuous scientific research, PET plastic sheets do not produce harmful gases after burning, and are gradually accepted by consumers. With the continuous deterioration of the environment, people’s awareness of environmental protection is gradually strengthened. In line with this environmental protection trend, many plastic processing plants have begun to use PET as product packaging and food plastic sealing materials. There are many kinds of PET plastic sheets on the market, including APET/PETG/GAG/ and other PET composite plastic sheets.

The production process of PET plastic sheet is relatively complicated, and it is produced by a series of compression polymerization processes with high-precision machinery. The plastic we generally see is a translucent material, but the transparency of this material can change in real time according to its specific requirements, and due to its good ductility and plasticity.

The main features of PET plastic sheet:

  1. Excellent transparency and smoothness, and good display effect.
  2. Excellent surface decoration performance, can be printed without surface treatment.
  3. PET has good mechanical strength, good oxygen and water vapor barrier properties.
  4. Good chemical resistance, can withstand the attack of various chemical substances.
  5. Non-toxic, reliable hygienic performance, can be used for the packaging of food, medicine and medical equipment.
  6. It has good adaptability to environmental protection and can be recycled economically and conveniently. When incinerated, it will not produce harmful and harmful substances to the environment.
  7. PET plastic sheet has good thermoforming performance, which is equivalent to ordinary PVC sheet. PET thermoforming products with excellent performance can be prepared by vacuum forming.

Transparency of PET sheet:

  1. Transparent sheet
  2. Translucent sheet
  3. Opaque flakes

Surface treatment of PET sheet:

  1. Light sheet
  2. Frosted sheet (coarse sand, fine sand)
  3. Film (single-sided, double-sided)
  4. Matte white (black)

Grades of PET Sheets

  1. New material
  2. Ordinary new materials
  3. Recycled Materials

The function of PET sheet

  1. Antistatic PET sheet. It is processed into trays and packaging boxes for chip electronic products through thermoforming blister process, which can effectively prevent static electricity and protect electronic products from damage.
  2. UV protection sheet. Widely used in the protection of handwriting monitors, mobile phone monitors, computers and TV LCD monitors. Effectively isolates UV rays that are harmful to the eyes.
  3. The PET sheet is made by a special compression method, so that there will be a lot of air between the two layers of materials, and because the molecular structure of this material becomes stable after molding, it will not be easily deformed even if it is hit or squeezed by gravity, Therefore, it can generally be applied to the express industry, and can play a good role in protecting express items.
  4. PET plastic sheet is easy to print, can print various patterns, and is often used to make menus. It has a good anti-aging effect, and it is not easy to deform even if it is pulled against each other.