How to distinguish PVC and PET

PVC and PET are common plastic materials in our lives. Because these two products are similar in appearance, many people can’t tell the difference between them. Today, I will introduce several ways to distinguish them.

  • Surface discrimination method: first look at the surface. Most of the bluish light is PVC sheet, because the PVC formula is added with ultramarine, disperse violet, fluorescent powder and other colorants, and most of the pet sheets are not blue;

  • Identification of folding marks: Cut a small piece of each of the two materials and fold them in half respectively. You will find that most of the PVC sheets will produce white creases, so the white marks on the half-fold are usually PVC sheets. The white mark is not obvious or almost invisible is the PET sheet.

  • Fire method: When burning, black smoke billows, and at the same time the irritating smell is heavier and the burning edge has black crystals is the PVC sheet, because the PVC sheet is a polychloride molecule, with combustion-supporting properties, it will automatically extinguish when it leaves the fire source. The pet sheet also burns under the flame, with little black smoke and light, and it continues to burn even after the fire source is removed.