High-barrier multi-layer co-extruded PE/EVOH/PP composite plastic sheet has superior performance, good air barrier and water vapor barrier properties, and can be used to make food packaging and prolong food shelf life.


Features of PE plastic sheet:
The PE material has an opaque structure. After adding color masterbatch, it can be processed into finished products of different colors. It can also be processed into black on the recycled layer to reduce the influence of light on the contents. PE-based resin has excellent processing performance, unlimited volume, and can be blow-molded for super-complex and super-large containers. It can withstand long-term sterilization at 85 °C. It is widely used in tomato sauce, salad dressing, mayonnaise, milk, and edible flavors. and other food packaging, as well as the packaging of chemical materials such as chemical solvents, environmentally friendly paints, pesticides, and automobile fuel tanks.

PE is a typical crystalline polymer with a melting point of 130°C to 145°C. It is characterized by tasteless, odorless, non-toxic, dull surface and milky white waxy particles.

The PE plastic sheet made from PE masterbatch has the following advantages:
a. Low temperature and cold resistance, the minimum operating temperature is -100~-70°C.
b. Corrosion resistance (not resistant to nitric acid), insoluble in common solvents at room temperature.
c. Low water absorption, less than 0.01%.
d. Excellent electrical insulation.
e. Has high ductility and impact strength and low friction.

Disadvantages of PE plastic sheet:
a. Flammable, with paraffin odor.
b. Low water permeability but high air permeability, suitable for moisture-proof packaging.
c. The surface is non-polar and difficult to bond and print.
d. Not UV-resistant and weather-resistant, it will become brittle in sunlight.
e. The shrinkage rate is large, and it is easy to shrink and deform.

Features of EVOH plastic sheet:
EVOH is hygroscopic, and its barrier properties will be greatly reduced with the increase of humidity. In order to prevent EVOH from affecting its barrier properties due to moisture absorption, it is usually compounded with polyolefin with good water resistance to form a multi-layer co-extruded composite film. Its typical structure is as follows: Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE)/EVOH/LDPE, LDPE/EVOH/EVA (EVA), PP/EVOH/PP, etc.

Features of PP plastic sheet:
PP co-extrusion blow-molded bottle has better transparency, can clearly display the shape and color of the content, and can meet the long-term sterilization needs of food and other products below 120 ℃. Packaging in the fields of milk, fast food soup, etc.

PP plastic sheet is rigid and tough, with high flexural strength, fatigue resistance and stress crack resistance.
Lightweight and susceptible to UV rays.

Multi-layer co-extruded PE/EVOH/PP composite plastic sheet has stronger comprehensive performance and wider application. Through the blister process, it can be used to produce canned bottles, juice bottles, plastic bottles, vegetable jars, pickle jars, packaging bottles, nut boxes, etc. The packaging products produced by this material have the following advantages:

  1. High barrier properties: excellent protection of the aroma of food, blocking the entry of external air, and effectively extending the shelf life of food.
  2. The multi-layer co-extruded composite plastic sheet uses the high-barrier raw material EVOH, and the raw material is EVOH (high-barrier composite material) in line with international food packaging safety standards.
  3. Transparency or light blocking.
  4. Firmness and lightness: The plastic material is light, easy to transport and not easy to be damaged.
  5. Microwaveability: PP material can withstand temperature of 120 degrees.