rpet plastic sheet roll manufacturer in China

As a RPET sheet manufacturer engaged in production and research and development, DESU TECH has been committed to contributing to environmental protection. Adhere to the concept of sustainable development, and actively research the production of environmentally friendly plastic sheets. DESU TECH recycled plastic sheets have obtained ROHS, SGS and other food safety certifications, and have passed the FCM (Food Contact Testing) test of China’s National Key Laboratory of Food Contact Materials.

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Product nameRPET Sheet Roll, Recycled PET Sheet.
OriginShanghai, China
ClassificationAPET, PETG, GAG
ApplicationThermoforming / Die cutting

What is RPET Plastic?

RPET (recycled polyethylene tetraphyte) sheet is a new type of environmentally friendly recycled sheet, which is extracted from discarded plastic products. It can effectively save raw materials and is beneficial to environmental protection.

Recycled RPET Plastic
Recycled PET Material

Importance of RPET Products

At present, there are many disposable consumer products in PET products, which produce a large amount of waste PET materials, which are not easily degraded by air or microorganisms in a short period of time, causing pollution. Therefore, encouraging the recycling and reuse of recycled waste PET materials is of great significance to environmental protection and resource conservation.

rpet sheet process
RPET Sheet Cycle Process

RPET sheet is a truly green product

  • Use food-grade silicone oil to coat the surface, which is widely used in food packaging, fruit and vegetable packaging, etc.
  • Antistatic function, can be used for high-end electronic product packaging.
  • RPET sheet with PE film structure can meet the needs of high-end food packaging and medical packaging.
  • Anti-fog sheet material can be used for protective masks and refrigerated goods.
RPET sheet is a truly green product

GRS Certificate

The Global Recycle Standard (GRS) was initially formulated by the Netherlands Regulatory Alliance and implemented in January 2008. GRS is an international, voluntary, complete product standard that sets requirements for third-party certification of recyclables, chain of custody, social and environmental practices, and chemical restrictions. The GRS is designed to meet the needs of companies wishing to verify the recyclables of their products (finished and intermediate products) and verify responsible social, environmental and chemical practices in their production.

Purchase Notice

MOQ5 tons
Payment methodsT/T, L/C, D/P, D/A, O/A, Western Union, MoneyGram, Cash.
Monthly production2000-3000 tons
Delivery time715 days

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