Pet Waterproof Plastic Sheet Film Rolls for Medicine Trays

PET sheet is a thermoplastic sheet made by Polyethylene terephthalate resin.PET offers the capability to produce complex shapes, precise details, deep draws and compound curves without worrying about durability. PET is easily formed, die-cut and punched. It also brings increased design freedom and lower fabrication costs. In sheet form, PET has the impact strength and fabrication ease that acrylic can’t touch, with the durability to significantly reduce packaging and shipping costs.

Product Advantages

•Outstanding thermoforming characteristics, particularly in deep draw applications
•Good impact resistance
•Less brittle than acrylic
•Resistant to common cleaners used on point of purchase displays
•Allows for rigid thermoforming cycle times
•FDA compliant grades available
•Impact strength greater than acrylic and approaches polycarbonate
•86% light transparency compared to 87% for polycarbonate and 92% for acrylic
•Die cuts/punches easily
•Low forming temperature
•Chemical resistant

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