Introduction of HIPS plastic sheet roll for cosmetics package

HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene) plastic sheet roll is a kind of plastic sheet made of high impact polystyrene. It is supplied in a roll form, usually a continuous roll of plastic sheet, which can be cut and processed as needed.

HIPS plastic sheet roll for cosmetics package
HIPS plastic sheet roll for cosmetics package
HIPS plastic sheet roll for cosmetics package
HIPS plastic sheet roll for cosmetics package

Advantages of HIPS plastic sheet roll for cosmetics package

Choosing HIPS plastic sheet roll as cosmetic packaging material can combine functionality, aesthetics and economy. Its impact resistance, transparency, variety of designs, printability and recyclability make it an ideal material to protect and display cosmetic products in an attractive and functional way.

1. Impact resistance: HIPS plastic sheet roll has excellent impact resistance, which can effectively protect the safety of cosmetic products during transportation, handling and storage. It reduces breakage and damage to packaged items and ensures product integrity.

2. Transparency: HIPS plastic sheet roll has good transparency, which can show the appearance of cosmetic products. Its clear and transparent nature allows consumers to clearly see the color, texture and design of the product, enhancing the overall visual appeal.

3. Diversity of design: HIPS plastic sheet roll can be easily made into various shapes and sizes through thermoforming or vacuum forming to realize personalized cosmetic packaging design. It can be made into trays, sandwich cases, blister packs or display boxes, etc., to suit different kinds of cosmetics, such as lipstick, eye shadow, powder or skin care products.

4. Printability: HIPS plastic sheets provide an excellent printing surface for printing high-quality graphics, branding elements and product information. Capable of presenting vibrant colors, clear text and detailed images, it enhances the overall aesthetics and brand recognition of cosmetic packaging.

5. Chemical resistance: HIPS plastic sheet roll has good resistance to many chemicals commonly used in cosmetics, such as oils, creams and solvents. Able to protect packaged products from chemicals, ensuring the integrity and quality of cosmetics.

6. Cost-effectiveness: HIPS plastic sheet roll is a cost-effective cosmetic packaging material. It strikes a balance between price and performance, making it the first choice of many cosmetic brands and manufacturers.

7. Recyclability: HIPS plastic sheet roll is recyclable and helps implement sustainable packaging. With the right recycling and waste management systems, HIPS plastic sheets can be reused or transformed into other useful products, reducing environmental impact.

Manufacturer of HIPS plastic sheet roll for cosmetics package

DESU plastic roll supplier is an enterprise focusing on the production of HIPS plastic sheet rolls. We offer rolls of HIPS plastic in a variety of sizes and thicknesses, specially designed to meet the needs of cosmetic packaging. Our products are famous for their excellent quality and reliable performance, and are deeply trusted and praised by the cosmetics industry.

Our advantage:

  1. Diversified specifications and thickness options to meet the needs of different cosmetic packaging.
  2. Excellent quality control to ensure stable and reliable products.
  3. Excellent impact resistance and stiffness, effectively protecting cosmetic products.
  4. Clear transparency, able to show the appearance and quality of cosmetics.
  5. Plasticity and processability, suitable for various processing techniques and custom designs.
  6. Good printing performance, so that your brand and product information can be clearly displayed.

We are committed to establishing long-term partnerships with customers and providing you with satisfactory products and services. If you are interested in our products or have any questions, please feel free to contact our sales team.

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Specification of HIPS plastic sheet roll for cosmetics package

ItemHigh Impact Polystyrene Sheet Roll, HIPS Plastic Sheet, Rgid HIPS Film
OriginShanghai, China
Material100% virgin
ColorBlack, White, Color, Natural, Transparent, Translucent.
PerformanceConductive, Antistatic, EOVH High barrier
Surface treatmentMatte, high gloss, flocking, etc.