Rigid pvc sheet roll manufacturers in China

DESU TECH produces high-quality rigid PVC sheet of 0.18-6.0mm, which are exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia and other markets.

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Product Introduction

PVC sheet (Polyvinyl chloride sheet) is a polymer material obtained by the polymerization of vinyl chloride. Polyvinyl chloride sheet is made by adding stabilizers, lubricants and fillers to PVC. After mixing, it is extruded to sheet with an extruder in various thicknesses. Rigid PVC sheets do not contain softeners, so that they are not brittle, easy to form, non-toxic, non-polluting, flexible, and have a long storage time.

PVC plastic sheet roll

PVC chemical molecular structure diagram

PVC chemical molecular structure diagram

Product Specifications

Product namePVC Sheet, PVC Roll, Rigid PVC Film
ColorClear, Color
Quality100% virgin
PerformanceESD: Anti-static, Conductive, Static dissipative. Printing; Coating; EVOH; Waterproof; etc
Processing technologyVacuum Forming / Thermoforming / Blistering

Physical and Chemical Properties

Density1380 kg/m3
Young’s modulus of elasticity (E)2900-3400 MPa
Tensile strength (σt)50-80 MPa
Elongation at break20-40%
Glass transition temperature87℃
Melting point212°C
Softening temperature85℃
Thermal conductivity (λ)0.16 W/(m·K)
Coefficient of thermal expansion (α)8×10-5 /K
Heat capacity (c)0.9 kJ/(kg·K)
Water absorption (ASTM)0.04-0.4
Refractive index1.52~1.55


Polyvinyl chloride has outstanding characteristics such as abundant raw materials (oil, limestone, coke, salt and natural gas), mature manufacturing technology, low price, and wide range of uses. It has become the second largest general-purpose resin in the world after polyethylene resin.

Application of PVC Sheet

Polyvinyl chloride sheets are easy to process and can be processed by molding, laminating, injection molding, extrusion, calendering, blow molding, etc. The rigid PVC sheet produced by DESU TECH is mainly used in electronic product packaging, medical equipment, food packaging, and also in the production of hard plastic products such as plates, doors and windows.

Application of PVC Sheet

DESU Rigid PVC Sheet Factory

Desu PVC sheet factory covers an area of more than 10,000 square meters, has many advanced PVC sheet extrusion production lines, has many experienced technicians, and strictly implements the “5S standard” management standard.

PVC sheet product line

Purchase Notice

MOQ5 tons
Payment methodsT/T, L/C, D/P, D/A, O/A, Western Union, MoneyGram, Cash.
Monthly production3000-5000 tons
Delivery time715 days

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