PBT Resin Manufacturer in China

PBT (polybutylene terephthalate) is a white translucent to opaque, semi-crystalline thermoplastic polyester with high heat resistance, not resistant to strong acids and alkalis, resistant to organic solvents, flammable, and decomposing at high temperatures. At the same time, PBT resin is non-toxic and harmless to the human body.

PBT chemical molecular structure diagram

PBT resin molecular structure diagram

Product Properties

Inspected parametersUnitStandard requirementTypical valueInspection method
Melting Index(250℃、2160g)g/10min7.0~15.012.6GB/T3682-2000
Moisture content%≤0.050.03GB/T20186.1-2006
Tensile strength at yieldMPa≥5055.1GB/T1040.1-2006
Elongation at yield%4.0~105.2GB/T1040.1-2006
Elongation at break%≥50163GB/T1040.1-2006
Tensile modulus of elasticityMPa≥21002316GB/T1040.1-2006
Flexural modeMPa≥22002311GB/T9341-2000
Bending strengthMPa≥6076.7GB/T9341-2000
Melting point210~240218DTA
Shore hardness/≥7075GB/T2411-2008
Izod impact strength 23℃KJ/㎡≥5.09.4GB/T1843-2008
Izod impact strength -40℃KJ/㎡≥4.07.6GB/T1843-2008
Coefficient of linear expansion (23~80℃)10-4K-1≤1.51.44GB/T1036-1989
Coefficient of volume ResistanceΩ.≥1×10144.3×1016GB/T1410-2006
Heat distortion temp 1.8M pa≥5558GB/T1634.2-2004
Heat distortion temp 0.45 M pa≥170174GB/T1634.2-2004
Tensile strength at yieldMPa≥5054.8GB/T1040.1-2006
Elongation at break%≥1048GB/T1040.1-2006
Tensile strength at yieldMPa≥5054.7GB/T1040.1-2006
Elongation at break%≥50148GB/T1040.1-2006
Loose tube anti side pressureN≥800983GB/T228-2002

Application of PBT Resin

Most of the PBT resin is processed into compounding materials, modified by various additives, and blended with other resins to obtain good heat resistance, flame retardancy, electrical insulation and good processing properties. It is widely used in industries such as electrical appliances, automobiles, aircraft manufacturing, communications, home appliances, and transportation. For example, after PBT is modified by glass fiber, it can be used to manufacture electronic parts that require long-term high temperature working conditions and high dimensional stability. PBT has a high breakdown voltage and is suitable for making high-voltage resistant parts. Due to its good fluidity in the molten state, it is suitable for injection processing of electrical parts with complex structures, such as integrated circuit sockets, printed circuit boards, computer keyboards, and electrical switches, fuses, temperature control switches, protectors, automobile bumpers, carburetors, spark plugs, fuel supply system components, igniters, etc. In the communication field, PBT resin is widely used in integrated modules, wiring boards, power tools, etc. of program-controlled telephones.

Storage and transportation

Package: Two package ways, : 1. It is packed 900KG per bag with the inner lining of aluminum foil material, outer lining of PE woven material. 2. It is packed 25KG per bag with inner lining of aluminum foil material , outer lining of kraft paper material.

Transportation: It should not be exposed to get wet or humidity during transportation, and keep it dry, clean, complete and pollution-free.  

Storage: It is stored in a clean, cool, dry and ventilated warehouse away from the source of fire. If the product is found to be damped in rainy reason or with high moisture in the air, It can be used one hour later after it is dried at the temperature of 120℃.

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